Album : Paramita
Artist/Group: He Xuntian
Date: 2002
Label: Wind
Type:  Music
Genre : World Music
Style : World beat 
Favorite Song :  Earth Drums

Musical performance :  I discovered this album at an audio demonstration of the new Grand Utopia speakers. This album is dedicated to drum's music, and the music performance of this Chinese composer in simply amazing.
Sonic performance: This record is absolutly fantastic. Probably one the 10 best record that i never listened. The soundstage is fantastic, natural, depth, warm with a large stereo image's. This album have been recorded in Extended Resolution Compact Disc (XRCD) format using K2 technology. WWoowww. 
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Second Nature

Album : Second Nature
Artist/Group: Minor Empire
Date: 2011
Label: World Trip record
Type:  Music + Lyrics
Genre : World Music
Style : World beat 
Favorite Song :  Second Nature

Musical performance :  I saw the band at the Festival du Monde Arabe de Montreal and it was really amazing. This group mix traditionnal arabian music with progressive rock and fusion Jazz music with an absolute perfection.
Sonic performance: The soundstage is good but the stereo image is a little tiny. The voice is really incredible. The sound is very natural, and each instrument have a good place. The record is very nice with a good mix between traditional instrument and electric sound.