Album : Ceremonials (more about this album)
Artist/Group: Florence + the Machine
Date: 2011
Label: Island
Type:  Music + Lyrics
Genre : Pop
Style : Indie pop
Favorite Song :  What the water gave me

Musical performance :  Second opus from Florence and the machine. A new indie pop album made in Great britain and recorded at Abbey Road Studios. In my perspective this album is between Feith and Enya style and the musical performance is great.
Sonic performance: The sound is rich. It's not a big deal for an audiophile, but it's correct. So why i decided to reference this album in an audiophile website? The answer is simple. The sound of this record with the musical performance is just magic.

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Pink Floyd - Discovery

Album : Box set of fourteen studio albums (more about this album)
Artist/Group: Pink Floyd
Date: 2011
Label: Emi
Type:  Music + Lyrics
Genre : Rock
Style : Prog-Rock
Favorite Song :  Echoes

Musical performance :  Sorry for the delay of this new publication, but listen 14 disks is not an easy task. It all started when my best friend told me that the complete discography of Pink Floyd had been remastered by James Guthrie (the recording producer of Pink Floyd). I bought the box set that includes 14 studio albums and began one of the longest listening session of my life .... no drugs, I swear..
Sonic performance: Side sound quality, it is not very complicated to explain. Those new Pink Floyd's albums are now at an audiophile level and believe me it's totally awesome. The restoration of old albums is excellent. The sound is still warm but more precise, more depth, more....Pink Floyd !!!!
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