Creep on creepin'on

Album : Creep on creepin'On (more about this album)
Artist/Group: Timber Timbre
Date: 2011
Label: Arts & Crafts
Type:  Music + Lyrics
Genre : Folk
Style : Atlernative Folk
Favorite Song :  Bad Ritual

Musical performance : My friend Daniel gave me this album for my birthday and he said : you must listen That !! That's what i did. Timber Timber is a pop-folk canadian's band. This record is in the spirit of the last album of Patrick Watson (an other Canadian musician): with a lot of sounds, and a great work of the musical structure.  
Sonic performance: The sound of this record is focused on the voice (very depth and very present). The soundstage is tiny but also very depth. It's a very interresting artistic choice.

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From the mouth of the sun

Album : From the mouth of the sun
Artist/Group: Woven tide
Date: 2012
Label: Experimedia
Type:  Music
Genre : Ethnic pop
Style : meditation
Favorite Song :  Sitting in a roofless Room

Musical performance :  Sorry guys for the delay of this new post, but to be honest i had nothing to shared with you... until today ! I found this new record and it's really very interesting. Slow music, ethnic, mystical, melancolic with a delicate touch of electronic music. Wow !!!
Sonic performance: The sonic aspect is a also interresting. Sometime it's very acoustic, sometime more digital. The mix is based on the sound atmosphere. The soundstage is good but not exceptionnal.
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